2 Tickets to any Paul Emery

The ‘Nevada Live’ series marks Emery’s 41st anniversary of producing concerts and gatherings that create unforgettable moments for both performers and attendees. See upcoming shows at: www.paulemerymusic.com

Music in the Mountains $50 Gift Certificiate

Year round classical musical performances in Nevada City and Grass Valley. www.musicinthemountains.org

2-CD Compilation with Jazz Music

Generously donated by NCSA parent Cezary Lerski of the Polish Jazz Network. www.polishjazz.com

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo: 4 ‘The Perfect Quirk’ CDs

Family Hip Hop with a Solid Gold Soul~ Grammy nominated! Generously donated by NCSA parent Cactus of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. www.secretagent23skidoo.com

Two 30 Minute Flute Lessons with NCSA’s Shannon Devir

Generously donated by NCSA music teacher/parent Shannon Devir of Wildwind Music Studio.

Celtic Festival Tickets for Two- 1 Day Sat or Sun